About Kate

Kate Megill has been feeding her family of 10 on a shoe-string for over 30 years. Her children range from 16 to 31 years, and 5 are still at home. She and her college-professor husband have homeschooled all of them, and are enjoying watching the older ones leave the nest.

Kate is a follower of Jesus Christ. She has been mentoring women for over 40 years, both in person and on the CHFWeb (Christian Homeschooling Fellowship) online community.

Kate’s go-to meal is pasta with any of a variety of sauces she keeps on hand. Her favorite grocery store stock-up deals are 25-cent canned beans and veggies, and fresh sweet corn in the summertime.

Kate has also authored a book on discipleship, Silver Threads: Weaving Godly Wisdom Into the Lives of Younger Women (available in digital and paperback format) and contributed to the e-book Apartment Gardening: A Practical Guide to Growing Vegetables in Small Places. She blogs at Teaching What Is Good following the Titus 2 model of older women teaching younger women.

You can find Kate on Twitter @teachwhatisgood and on Facebook /teachingwhatisgood as well as her book’s page, and on Pinterest as /mrsp31wannabe.